Vote for your favorite writing blog

Write to Done, a writers’ website, runs a contest each year where people nominate their favorite writing blogs, and they publish a list of the top ones. Here’s last year’s list:

1. Storyfix:

2. men with Pens:

3. Make a Living Writing:

4. Cat’s Eye Writer:

5. The Renegade Writer:

6. Writer Unboxed:

7. Word Play:

8. The Creative Penn:

9. Victoria Mixon:

10 Courage 2 Create:

If you check them out, you’ll find that they’re all different in tone, in style and in what they’re trying to do. I’m not suggesting you nominate one if you don’t know them, but they might prove useful as a starting point for help with your writing.

If you do have someone to nominate, here’s where you do it:

Nominations are due by December 10th.

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