25 best sites for literature lovers

themillionsFlavorwire, as regular readers know, is one of my favorite websites, where I’ve been known to spend too much time (thought because it’s about all things literary, artistic etc I don’t feel too guilty). Recently, Jason Diamond, one of their writers,  came up with The 25 Best Sites for Literature Lovers. I expected that I’d know most of them, but I was intrigued and surprised by the list. It included stalwarts like the Los Angeles Review of Books, the Paris Review Daily, and Granta, but there were many others I hadn’t heard of, like The Millionsrecommended_reading_logoElectric Literature’s Recommended Reading and the Public Domain Review – even a couple of literary podcasts. Well worth a look when you need to take a break from whatever you’re supposed to be doing…

P.S. Last Monday’s headline post was An English Room: Photos of Benedict Cumberbatch, Stephen Fry and more in their favorite rooms. What’s not to like?

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