Writers Rendezvous: February update Part 2

I hope you found part one of this update useful. Here’s part two, with more places to submit, and contests to enter.

First, though, member Libby Waterford is teaching a couple of useful virtual classes in April. The first is Writing Dynamic Fiction which will cover the following aspects of craft: dialogue, active voice, backstory, point of view, and show not tell. If you have an in-progress manuscript or are at the beginning of a new project, this class will help you come away writing more dynamic fiction. Begins April 9. The second is a two-hour workshop on April 24, from 10-12 noon. – Writing Faster. Libby writes first drafts in 40-90 days on average, so she should know. She’ll discuss mindset, tools and techniques, and how to set yourself up for successful writing sessions.

The 2021 Connecticut Literary Festival’s Anthology is accepting submissions for their second volume writing by Connecticut writers. (Defined as residing in Connecticut by January 1, 2021.) They are looking for fiction and creative nonfiction (3,500 words max), and poetry (2 poems max). Submission details here. Deadline: April 15.

Connecticut Center for the Book is accepting submissions for the 2021 Connecticut Book Awards, which recognize Continue reading

Nina Bentley – Where the worlds of art and writing collide

HKD Nina

Helen Klisser During (left, curator WAC) with Nina Bentley

Nina Bentley is the kind of unusual artist I love. For one thing, her assemblage art is easy to understand, and for another, it makes me want to buy it and take it home. Not just because it’s beautiful but because I also love the wit she shows in all her pieces. The Westport Arts Center is currently exhibiting her work in a two-artist exhibition called Soles Scents. Nina’s contribution is the sole of the show, so to speak. These 23 creations are based on real shoes that she has decorated with objets trouvés to tell a tale.
“My shoes are humorous (ShuShi), dark (Freudian Slipper), political (Platform Shoe), feminist (Feathering One’s Nest) and, at times, just pretty (Primavera), but each tells a story, one meaningful to me, and, hopefully, to the viewers,” she says. You can see the exhibition through September 7. (The Scents piece of the show includes paintings of perfume bottles by Robert Cottingham.)
These shoes are wonderful, and many collectors and art museums agree with me on this, of course. But what really grabbed my attention was a notice telling me that she is currently (until July 26) exhibiting some of her works based on typewriters at the Worrell Smith Gallery in Westport. Here’s one of her pieces, He Looked Good on Paper:


He Looked Good on Paper (enlarged section)

He Looked Good on Paper (enlarged section)

Behind the large type, you can see the qualifications of the candidate (for marriage? a job?). They include: Choate, Andover, Dartmouth, Harvard, New York Athletic Club, Larchmont Yacht Club, Princeton, Eaton, Marshall Scholar, etc. You get the picture.
And the others are just as interesting. Funny, but also making a serious point. If you can get there, do. If you can’t, check out some the links above to see Nina’s art, or click here
If you’re a writer, you’ll get it.