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My friend Jill Hannah Anderson‘s latest novel, A Life Unraveled, was published this week, and I was fortunate enough to read an advance copy. This book is a combination of women’s fiction and mystery, and kept me guessing. The mystery hinges around the violent attack perpetrated on Lily (the main character) for no apparent reason. Her injuries lead to a dependency on painkillers that threatens all her relationships and her job, and brings to light other family secrets. The pacing kept me turning the pages until the satisfying finish to the book. Slight trigger alert – child abuse in the past may cause some to hesitate before reading. But it’s deftly handled and there are no unnecessary details just for the voyeuristic value. I know that Jill lives in Minnesota, and I wondered where she did her writing. Here’s what she told me, and I must admit, I was envious!

I love my writing desk, and the convenience of having everything I need there, including a view of the lake out my window, but there’s nothing as calming as sitting outside and overlooking the lake from April to October in Minnesota. We live in a rural area, with seasonal neighbors. Often it is just me and the loons on the lake, which gives me the quiet I need for writing.

Every morning starts with a strong homemade iced mocha, the boost I need to get the brain cells moving. I also need to get my body moving before I can sit for very long, or I get antsy. In the summer, it’s a walk, run, or bike ride outdoors. In the winter, it’s a walk on the treadmill (ick!) 🙁

The “Dream until your dreams come true” stencil above my desk, along with the “Always do what you love” sign, were hung last year the day before I received an offer from the publisher for my third book – reinforcing my desk signs! That book offer was for A Life Unraveled, my third women’s fiction book, which was published on March 22nd.

You can connect with Jill via her website, or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and BookBub.

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