Tangerine Tango

I’m very proud to say that I’m one of nine women writers in this newly published anthology: Tangerine Tango: Women Writers Share Slices of Life. You’ll find items on love, children, transitions and the humorous side of life.  Here’s an extract from one of my pieces:

I had lived with the cabinet for at least thirty-five years, but had seen it long before that. It used to stand meekly in my spinster great aunt’s house. I’m not sure what else she kept in there, but whenever my sisters and I went to her house for afternoon tea, she would open the cupboard door and extract a small tin of Harrogate toffee.  Then she would present one of us with the small silver toffee hammer. The lucky girl would strike the toffee as hard as possible, and distribute the shattered remains to the rest. I could still recall the way that toffee stuck to the roof of my mouth.

When she died, some years later, she left me this little cabinet. I was sorely in need of furniture, since I had married young and had no money to spare for luxuries. Victorian furniture was in fashion then, and the neat lines of the cabinet appealed to me. I polished its rich mahogany with beeswax, and used it to store my collection of long-playing records, which fitted perfectly. A glass vase glinted on top of it. Later, it had been moved to the kitchen, and when I moved to America, the cabinet had come too. It had seen service in the dining room, where we rearranged the shelves to hold wine glasses and bottles. Later it migrated to the children’s room, where a collection of half-made model planes found their way into it, and untidy piles of school papers drifted across the top. Just before our most recent house move, I had found it in the basement, filled with old letters and photographs. I had moved the documents into a plastic bin.

To read the rest, you’ll have to buy the paperback or eBook from Amazon. The paperback is only $7.50, and the profits are going to charity.

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