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A Beginner’s Guide to Starting Over

It's time for widow Molly Stevenson to stand on her own two feet. With blind dates, a needy ghost, and her small‑town bookstore in trouble, she's going to need all her inner strength to prevent another unhappy ending.

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Imagining Monsters

A collection of short stories inspired by Frankenstein, was published in July 2019. My short story Monster was included. I’m not saying it was inspired by my late mother-in-law, but there’s a hint of something there… The proceeds from this book benefit the Westport Library.

Connecticut Press Club Award 2020

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Tangerine Tango

I’m one of nine women writers in this anthology: Tangerine Tango: Women Writers Share Slices of Life. You’ll find items on love, children, transitions and the humorous side of life.

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