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A beginner's guide to starting over

Love’s Journey Home

Welcome to my website. I hope you’ll enjoy exploring it, and checking out my
books, my blog for readers with some of my writing, and the writer’s page, with helpful
suggestions for writers.
A little bit about me. My memoir, Love's Journey Home, was published in May 2022, by Atmosphere Press, who will also publish my debut novel, A Beginner's Guide to Starting Over, in April 2023. Check them out on the Books page.
Unlike many writers, I can’t write in coffee shops because they’re too distracting, and I only drink coffee as a last resort. I live in Connecticut in a cottage that’s American on the outside, and English inside. If I'm not reading, writing, or traveling, you'll find me in my flower garden, holding a cup of my preferred beverage, strong English tea, and wondering whether to do some weeding.
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