A virtual visit to a bookstore via Google maps

I’m a follower of Ebook friendly, a blog about eBooks and related subjects. Piotr Kowalczyk, who writes it, keeps his pulse on the eBook world and always has something interesting to say, but his latest post caught be by surprise, since it was about visiting a bookstore via Google maps and Google Street View. It’s the way of the future, folks.

I’ll leave Piotr to explain it to you:

Fascinating: visiting a bookstore using Google Street View

Looking at places via Google Maps and Google Street View from a god’s perspective is nothing new and many people got used to it. But the magic comes when we go inside. And it gets absolutely mesmerizing when the interiors we enter are full of books.

O’Reilly Tools of Change shared a post on Facebook which invited to have a virtual walk through the Tattered Cover bookstore in Denver (here is link to bookstore’s website). I became extremely interested, as I love to find and explore technology that helps people read again. I came to Tattered Cover  – and it was a totally striking experience.

tattered coiver

The pictures are surprisingly sharp. They are so detailed that you can read book titles. There are shadows of people on the move, giving a feeling of human presence. Once you learn how to use Google Street navigation and zooming function, you can fully enjoy being,well, in a real bookstore. (Click on the photo above to reach the Google map page, then rotate the circle in the top right-hand corner GC.)

I was looking for an opened book, to check whether it’s possible to read it in Google Street View. I didn’t find it in Tattered, but there is one in Capitol Hill Books (check this Google Street View link and pan down a bit).

Bookstores make much more sense than any other kind read on here

Cheer up – The book isn’t dead yet…

Flavorwire is a site I’ve quoted before (http://gabicoatsworth.com/2011/12/02/feeling-rejected/), and today Emily Temple has come up with some gorgeous photos of the world’s most lovely bookstores – not the largest, just the most beautiful. Here’s what she had to say:

With Amazon slowly taking over the publishing world and bookstores closing left and right, things can sometimes seem a little grim for the brick and mortar booksellers of the world. After all, why would anyone leave the comfort of their couch to buy a book when with just a click of a button, they could have it delivered to their door? Well, here’s why: bookstores so beautiful they’re worth getting out of the house (or the country) to visit whether you need a new hardcover or not.

We can’t overestimate the importance of bookstores — they’re community centers, places to browse and discover, and monuments to literature all at once — so we’ve put together a list of the most beautiful bookstores in the world, from Belgium to Japan to Slovakia. Just so you know now, all you bookstore fiends: neither the Strand nor Powell’s is on this list. They’re both great bookstores, of course, but not particularly pretty (at least in our minds), and thus disqualified. Click through to see our picks for the most beautiful bookstores in the world, and as always, if we’ve left off your favorite, be sure to add to the collection in the comments!

Click here to see the photos: