February 26, 2021

Local author Bette Bono is writing the second in a series of novels about a group of unusual seniors with special powers that enable them to travel back in time to solve historical mysteries. I loved the first one, The Better Angels, which was published by All Things That Matter Press in 2019. I asked her where she did her writing, and what she needs to enable her to write. Here’s what she said:

I wrote my debut novel, The Better Angels, from the kitchen table. I had the house to myself during the day, so I could craft my time travel-history-adventure-mystery with few interruptions and easy access to coffee.

November 5, 2012

I’m a sucker for a good mystery. More specifically, along with most mystery lovers, I love a mystery series. And I particularly like a female detective as my chief protagonist. Maybe it’s something about the triumph of a woman who uses logic and deduction to sort out murder and mayhem that feels so good. Whatever…