Writers’ Rendezvous: October update – Part 2

Hello again! Here’s the second part of the update, as promised, including more events that have just appeared in my inbox.

purnellJoin British author Sonia Purnell (First Lady: The Life and Wars of Clementine Churchill and Just Boris: A Tale of Blond Ambition) at the Fairfield University Bookstore from 4-5:30 on November 3, as she discusses her latest book A Woman of No Importance, the astonishing but true-life tale of Virginia Hall. Hall, a young American socialite with a wooden leg, was a female spy in WWII who helped fan the flames of French Resistance. The rights to the book have already been sold to Paramount for a major film starring Daisy Ridley.

nunezAlso on November 3, Sigrid Nunez, author of The Friend will be appearing at the Norwalk Public Library from 2-4pm as part of their AuthorSpeak series.

The Norwalk Library runs a regular series of AuthorSpeak events, and they provide lunch, too. If you are a local author Continue reading

Writing Contest Opportunity for Longer Work

My NaNoWriMo novel isn’t long enough – or ready enough – for this contest, but if you have between 90,000-110,000 words you may be good to go. This contest is small, only 250 entries are accepted. But the judges are terrific. There’s one for each genre:

  • Romance – Sue Grimshaw, Editor at Large & Category Specialist for Ballantine & Bantam Dell
  • Mainstream Adult Fiction – Kevan Lyon, Agent at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
  • Suspense / Thriller / Mystery – Kat Brzozowski, Assistant Editor at Thomas Dunne Books
  • Fantasy / Science Fiction – James Frenkel, Editor at Tor / Forge
  • Children’s & YA – Mary Kole, Agent at Andrea Brown Literary Agency

And here’s the great thing. Your entry won’t simply disappear into a great void of unsuccessful attempts. These judges will rate your entry and give you feedback. Given the quality of the judges, this feedback could be priceless. The entry fee is a measly $35, but you need to enter fast. The closing date is February 12, but entries won’t be accepted after the magic 250 number is reached.

There’s a tiny bit of prize money, but again, this is immaterial. A critique like this is designed to help you get closer to publication.

You can find all the details on the Crested Butte Writers website: http://www.crestedbuttewriters.org/index.php, along with information about their annual writers’ conference (June 22-24 this year).