NaNoWriMo – almost halfway there…

I went to a local NaNoWriMo get-together on Sunday afternoon. It was held at Sono Caffeine in Norwalk, one of the coffee shops I’d recommended in my blog about where to write one’s novel. I wasn’t sure how I’d recognize the people, but I spotted one young woman whose face looked familiar from her Facebook photo, and started with her. The laptop she had clutched to her chest was another hint that here was a writer on a mission.

As people started arriving it was clear that we NaNoWriMo writers are about as varied a bunch as you could find. Ages from about 18 to way up there (me), men as well as women (I generally find more women in writing groups) and a variety of different writing styles and genres, as it turned out. I think I was the only one writing a historical novel, but here’s the thing that threw me off a bit. I was right on target for the number of words per day if I want to get the 50,000 words done in November.

But I was shocked to learn that not every writing software counts words the same way. So what might be 50,000 words in Word, might not be in some other writing software. And no-one knows how the NaNo people count the words, except that they often come up with fewer words that the writers.

I’m using a software called Scrivener for writing my novel, and I love it. It lets me plot out scenes and chapters and is altogether terrific. No-one should write a novel without it (and it works for non-fiction, essays, presentations and reports, too). Here’s the link:

But what if Scrivener comes up with a different number of words from NaNo? My new friends, (at least those who’ve done NaNoWriMo before, told me I should write a few extra words to be on the safe side. “Like a couple of hundred?” I asked.

“More like a couple of thousand,” they said.

So now, although I’ve written 25,000 words by the middle of the month, (tomorrow), it actually isn’t half of the novel. Rats!

Nano Days 8 & 9

Finally made it back to Connecticut, with some writing done in airports and planes. So, on Tuesday I think I wrote 2245 words and today I managed 2453, so that makes a grand total of 15465, although I admit some of those words say things like RESEARCH and CONTINUITY?

Never mind – it’s all progress.But I’m going to have to improve my daily counts if I want to stay on track…

Nano Days 6 and 7

I barely wrote anything yesterday¬† – around 500 words. Elephants take up a lot of time when you’re learning to ride them bareback… To make up for it, I wrote 1433 words today for a total of 13,123. That means I’m over a quarter of the way through in 7 days, but I’m using up some of my head start. Oh well. Another hideous start at 5.00 am tomorrow to go to Chiang Mai Airport to fly to Bangkok and then to Hong Kong (just for a night). But surely that will mean time to write at the airport. This should really be a guide to airports, and not a novel…

Nano Day 5

There’s something to be said for being made to rise at 4.45 to got to Bangkok Airport. Not much, but something. Our guide said it was because of potential traffic problems. I think it was because he wanted to go home and practice his standup routine.
The good part was that it gave me time to write, so I managed 2163 words yesterday, for a total of 11,136.

But have only just managed to get on the internet to let you know.

Now, back to the salt mines…

Nano Day 2

Saigon - sorry, Ho Chi Minh - airport

Well, so far this is kind of fun. I started writing this morning at Saigon Airport (a fabulous place by the way, and brand new). I continued this afternoon at our hotel in Bangkok. Yes, there’s some flooding, but really, we’re OK. It’s tough for the inhabitants, though.



I wrote 2081 words today, for a total of 6054. If you think I can’t add, you’re half right. I under-counted yesterday, so that should have been 3973. but what are a few words between friends?

Fact is, no matter how this ends up, I will always remember where I wrote this novel.

Nano day 1

Well, I managed 3700 words, most of them while riding a tourist bus in Vietnam. It was a 3 hour drive from Saigon to the Cu Chi Tunnels (Google it…) and back, so I sat in the back and typed. I feel I’m going to need a head start because life will happen when I get back to Connecticut next week.

Off to Bangkok at the crack of dawn tomorrow. I think the drive to the airport will take forever, so more writing then, I hope.the meantime I have to fix a jumping cursor. If any of you know how to do it – please let me know. I’m a terrible typist anyway, and have to look at the keyboard when I type, so sometimes I don’t notice that I’ve switched up a para or two…

More tomorrow