January 21, 2022

February 1 sees the beginning of Library Lovers’ Month, and for writers, local libraries can offer a number of benefits – apart from the obvious ones, like books on craft and a quiet place to write. Here’s what’s going on close to me here in Connecticut, but check out your own libraries for similar offerings….

November 19, 2020

We had a great meeting yesterday, with contributions from everyone who attended. People are getting things done in the writing sphere. Maybe not quite as much as they’d like to, but making progress all the same. Kudos to them all for persevering when there’s so much else to think about. On Thursday evening, November 19,…

January 20, 2020

Welcome back! Here’s the second list of events and suggestions this month. And check out the Writers’ Calendar for more. On February 12, from 7-9pm and just in time for Valentine’s Day, Tracy Strauss, author of the new book I Just Haven’t Met You Yet, and Gina Barreca, Hartford Courant columnist and UCONN Distinguished Professor of English,…

February 13, 2012

Mike Sicking is an American writer who writes for an English blog called Limebird Writers. He’s one of several people writing for them, and his moniker there is LimebirdKaiser (don’t ask me why…). In the last year, he decided to get serious about his writing,so he warns people not to treat him like a guru….