Award-winning Rendezvous!

The list of award winners in the Connecticut Press Club’s annual contest has just been published, and I’m delighted to say that over thirty awards were won by members of the Writers’ Rendezvous. Several won in more than one category.

Congratulations! Bravo! Well done! Cheers! Hooray! Way to go! Nicely done! Take a bow! Fantastic! Woo-hoo!

I am taking all the credit for this, since I nagged and nagged them all to submit their work (anything published in 2019), and this was the result. Here’s a list, with links to where you can connect with them.images

First place winners

Alison McBain (book editor, collection of stories)
Kate Mayer (Speech)
Catherine Onyemelukwe (personal blog)
Veronique Klemow (podcast)
Ed Ahern (Book of poetry and Poetry chapbook)
Zeb Appel (Novel)
Jacque Masumian (single story)
Sarah Galluzzo (special article)
Ann Lineberger (book reviews)
Lauren Busser (specialty article: arts & entertainment)
Megan Smith-Harris (personality profile)

Second place winners

Amy Oestreicher (essay, memoir)
Liv Constantine (novel)
Gabi Coatsworth (single story)
Milda Leonard (specialty article)
Ann Lineberger (reviews)
Marlou and Laurie Newkirk (personal essay)

Third place winners

Kate Mayer (personal blog)
Ann Lineberger (humorous column)
Milda Leonard (corporate newsletter)
Laurie Newkirk (Specialty article)
Lauren Busser (specialty article: reviews)
Megan Smith-Harris (specialty article: education and science/technology)

Honorable mention

Alison McBain (book design, graphics)
Elizabeth Chatsworth (novella)
Diane Lowman (personal opinion column)
Kate Mayer (Personality profile)
Ann Lineberger (personal essay)
Marlou and Laurie Newkirk (specialty article: physical health)
Lauren Busser (specialty article: reviews)
Gina Zammit(specialty article sport)
Megan Smith-Harris (specialty article: style)
Stay well, keep writing and submit!

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