Divorced Pauline confesses all…

I have no idea who this is…

I always thought that my friend Pauline Gaines of the Perils of Divorced Pauline was an upright citizen. Then, she suddenly decided to confess to a secret vice – right there on her blog! I couldn’t believe my eyes. And this is all the sadder, because Pauline actually does a bit of counseling when she’s not blogging. And now it’s clear she needs counseling herself. Here’s some of her confession. Alert: probably not suitable for reading at work…

I Am an Incorrigible Book Slut

I’m a bad, bad, book slut.
When it comes to reading material, I’m promiscuous and fickle. I get a few pages into one book, then callously abandon it when another, more intriguing title catches my eye.
Sometimes I take on two, even three at a time.
I feel no shame.
I take no responsibility for my wanton ways. I blame my love’em and leave’em-ness on the internet. Before Amazon — hello, middle-aged people? Does anyone remember that long-ago era? — when I had to actually go into a bookstore to buy a book, I was much more likely to finish what I started.
Then came Amazon, that virtual, literary brothel. How exciting to browse so many tempting titles! How intoxicating to have them all available, at the click of a mouse! How special I felt to have the Amazon Madam suggest slickly packaged works just for me!
I found myself ordering more than one at a time. With tomes stacking up by my bedside, it was all too easy to discard one for another. Instead of sticking with a book during a less-than-perfect chapter, I found myself …read on
Pauline is all over the internet, so you can follow her on Twitter @divorcedpauline or Pinterest, friend her on Facebook, fan her on her Facebook page, or e-mail her at divorcedpauline@aol.com. She claims she spends an ungodly amount of time in front of the computer, and so promises to respond.

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