Guest Post from Jessica Jonas: 33 Ways to stay creative

Jessica Jonas
Jessica Jonas

Jessica Jonas was born in a cicada year, crossed an ocean for the first time at 2 months old, and, according to her parents, loved to turn pages of books long before she learned to read. She started writing at what she considers a late age (19!) and is working towards an MFA in Creative Writing & the Publishing Arts in 2013. She has an interesting blog of her own and you can check it out here: Here’s her post about how to stay creative… Most of the ideas are simple, but I can see how they might move your mind into another groove.

I borrow tonight’s list of creativity tips from The World’s Best Ever, a fun and bizarre assortment of inspirations and oddities. A skim down the home page gave me photography, a clock, Lindsay Lohan, hot sauce, striped Oxford shirts, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and cartoon spheres arguing about culture. Quite the grab bag, and while I doubt any one person will enjoy everything, it’s neat to see the sheer breadth of what creativity can offer. Right now, on breath-catching breaks between assignments, I’m reading over:

I’m working on numbers 6 and 33 in particular tonight, trying to remember to 32, and hoping some 9 is in my future.

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