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Writer’s Relief is a highly recommended author’s submission service. They help creative writers submit their work to the right literary agents and literary journals. And they get results.  They have a great newsletter that gives tips for submitting your work, and hot publishing leads. If you’re fed up with submitting and getting no results, or if you “just can’t get round to” submitting at all, check them out here:
This is what they sent out earlier today – a great seasonal post.
Which Reindeer Are You?

reindeerIt’s that time of year…
So take a break from the holiday stresses (writing, making merry, and wrapping presents all at the same time).
Find out which reindeer you are in Santa’s herd!
Favorite genre: Blogging. The seat-of-the-pants writer. Loves to break the news. Pushes “publish,” asks questions later.
Favorite genre: Poetry. Gets carried away by the music of words. Gushes and revels. Adores rhyme. Regularly seen wearing lavender and smelling of patchouli.
Favorite genre: Literary fiction. Straitlaced and scholarly, believes in hiding technique. Loves ascots and tweed. Doesn’t want to be confused with the likes of Dancer.
Favorite genre: Anything with vampires. Not averse to lengthy love scenes and cover art with shadowy, long-haired men.
Favorite genre: Flash fiction. Burns fast and bright, but a little distant and elusive. A regular at open mike night.
Favorite genre: Old-school Mills and Boon romances. Loves billionaire playboy sheiks who are reformed by virginal nurses. Stories for all time.
Favorite genre: Horror. The plagiarist. Cannibalizes other writers’ works. Owns trench coats in three different shades of black.
Favorite genre: Thrillers. A jaded chain-smoker. Pounds on plot points with shock-and-awe relentlessness, but secretly pines for “the one who got away.”
Favorite genre: Inspirational biography. The underdog who never gives up despite the odds, then goes on to get rhinoplasty and date a supermodel after he makes his millions.
Writer QuestionsQUESTION: Which reindeer are you? (I suspect I might be a mix of Dasher and Prancer…)


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