Publishing opportunity for a quirky writer

This is a guest post from Leigh Newman, Editor-at-large for a lovely small publisher, Black Balloon. She’ll explain it all below, but if you haven’t seen their website, you really should. It’s the most attractive one I’ve ever seen. I’m guessing it reflects the publishers’ personalities, and so will persuade you that they are creative, intuitive, and in search of beauty they can share with the world. No pressure!
Here’s the post:
As you may know, I am the editor-at-large at a new indie book company called Black Balloon Publishing . Our first title—the cd/book The Recipe Project  by One Ring Zero—came out this fall and received significant attention, including profiles on NPR, Food and Wine, Food Network Magazine,,,,, and The, among others (check out the website <> ). Our next title, the drily comic but devastating memoir Louise: Amended  comes out this spring.
Right now, however, our publisher Elizabeth is looking for a juicy new manuscript to publish: a novel, a novella, a collection of short stories, a play, a graphic how-to-guide to magic tricks and plain old-fashioned happiness—anything whimsical, dark or oddly uplifting, unexpected, moving and unforgettable.
We may be small but we offer our writers a big house package: a fair advance, a personal publicist, a website, social media support and marketing trailers.
If you know any talented but overlooked writers sitting at their laptops in a dark cafe, would you please forward this to them? If you have a project of your own that needs a home, would you please send us something? All you have to do is submit a sample at our site, which takes about 14 seconds. We are reading next week in hopes of finding a manuscript that messes with our heads—and hearts.

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