Writers Rendezvous July update – Part 2

Writing residencies give writers the time and space to write uninterrupted by daily life – and if that’s what you need, it’s worth applying for one. Some are free, some are funded and some of them are low-cost. Some have an application fee. The length of time varies. Here are just a few, with links to get full details.

Rockvale Writer’s Colony: College Grove, TN Deadline: Rolling submissions: Financials: Subsidized fee of $425 per week.

Stochastic Labs Residency: Berkeley, California Deadline: Rolling submissions: Flexible Financials: Fully funded, plus $1000 monthly.

Macdowell Fellowship: Peterborough, New Hampshire Deadline: August 1st – September 10.  Financials: No residency fees and stipends available

KHN Residency: Nebraska City, NE Deadline: September 1 Financials: $175 weekly stipend, free housing. Application Fee: $35 fee

Jentel Artist Residency  Banner, WY Deadline: September 15 for Winter/Spring, January 15 for Summer/Fall Period: Financials: $400 stipend Entry fee: $30

Lanesboro Arts Residency  Lanesboro, MN Deadline: July 28 Financials: $1,250 weekly stipend

Art Omi Ghent, NY Deadline: Opens August 15 – October 15  Financials: Fully funded, several fellowships available with $500 stipends

Millay Arts Core Residency Austerlitz, NY Deadline: October 1  Financials: $100 non-refundable deposit Entry Fee: $45

18th Street Arts Center’s Visiting Artist Residency Program  New York, NY Deadline: Rolling Period Financials: Fully funded on a case-by-case basis

Storyknife Writers Retreat Homer, Alaska Deadline: Application open July 1 –  close August 31st Financials: Fully funded Entry Fee: $40

Fiction Meets Science Residency Delmenhorst, Germany Deadline: Rolling submissions: Financials: Fully funded with stipend

The Guanajuato Writing Retreat Location: Guanajuato, Mexico Deadline: Rolling submissions: November 5-12, Financials: $1995 fee

In Cahoots Residency  Petaluma, CA Deadline: August 27-October 1 Financials: $900 fee for one week, $1,500 for two weeks, or $2,200 for three weeks Entry Fee: $25

Savvy Authors runs a ton of online classes for authors – the basic price ranges from $29 for premium (paid) members, to $39 for regular (unpaid) members. A note on the difference between Zoom classes and online classes. I imagine you’re familiar with Zoom classes, which happen at scheduled times. Online classes consist of a series of downloadable information and assignments, which are critiqued as you go along. There’s a list of upcoming classes here, and they range from a single class to a four-week course. Upcoming offerings include How to Write Dynamic Dialogue, Story Structure in Plain English, and How to Write Articles and Make a Lucrative Income.

They also run a bi-weekly Flash Fiction contest, where you complete a finished story and have it evaluated by your fellow writers every two weeks. Flash fiction may be short but it has all the elements of a story: plot, conflict, setting, characterization, and even world-building. Register here for the next contest.

HUBCAP in Wallingford CT is a hybrid-business incubator that provides a unique opportunity for collaboration between the education and business communities and Wallingford’s student population. But they also run an annual Northeast Authors’ Book Signing. This year’s event is on November 18 from 11-3. They try to limit it to 12 authors and limit the number books in each genre, so if you’d like a spot, apply soon by emailing for an application. The program marketing is extensive – and includes local press, TV, social media and other local promotion.

Manuscript Works is a book publishing advice service for academic authors and has a regular newsletter. A recent post provided a list of online writing groups – otherwise known as write-ins. The idea behind this type of group is that you meet virtually with other people who need to get writing done and you work together in the same online space for a scheduled period of time. Ideally, writing with others can bring a sense of solidarity and support, even if you don’t specifically discuss your work with other members of the group. I run one myself on Monday mornings from 10-11:45 ET – more details here.

Need a beta reader to give you feedback on your book before it’s published?

The History Quill is a British company that provides various services for authors, mainly authors of historical fiction. They include editing, coaching, book promotion, and beta readers. Impartial Beta readers who enjoy reading your genre can be hard to find, and the ones at the History Quill come highly recommended. They also offer beta readers for other genres via The Niche Reader.

The London Writers Salon offers a similar service with some added benefits, which costs around $12 per month. (They have free options for people who can’t afford that. There’s a free 14-day trial option before you sign up, and they run 20 write-ins per week. One benefit of these kinds of write-ins, I’ve found, is that you make new writing friends, in this case around the world.

Have a great writing month!


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