An excerpt from my audiobook

As you may know, I recorded the audiobook of my memoir a few weeks ago, and it’s finally available for preorder (delivery on May 7). I recorded it at the marvelous Verso Studios at the Westport Library – one of the best Library recording studios in the country, with a fabulous engineer, Travis, who made everything easier.

Earlier this week, Publisher’s Weekly, an esteemed publication for writers, published my article, No One Wants to Hear You Breathe, about all the things I learned while recording it. They included things like: wear quiet clothing and avoid dairy products for 24 hours beforehand – weird, right? It was a little nerve-wracking, to begin with, but the end result was worth it, I hope. If you’d like to listen to Chapter 1, which lasts about 24 minutes, click on the link below. I do hope you like it.



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