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Barbara Linn Probst’s second novel (The Sound Between the Notes) was published a few days ago. I asked her a few questions about her writing space, and what she needed to have when she writes. Here’s her reply.
I write on my laptop at a glass desk by a big window overlooking trees, sky, and more trees. As a high-energy, high-drive sort of person, I really need the tranquility of nature and the purity of a glass desk. And I need silence.  I’m fortunate to be able to have that in my home office.

On my desk, you’ll see my (Queen of the Owls) cover in lucite and a little owl mascot (to remind me of the joy of publishing my first book), a glass paperweight that I made myself (to remind me that there are many art forms that can speak to me) and, though it’s cut off, my parents’ engagement photo from so many decades ago (to remind me of the extraordinary gift of being alive).

Missing from the image is the cup of coffee that’s always at my side when I write 🙂  Nourishment, nature, and silence—these are the things I need around me when I enter that special immersive space.

My newest book is The Sound Between the Notes, launching on April 6, 2021.

You can connect with Barbara on her website, Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram

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