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Linda Rosen is the author of two women’s fiction novels published within a year of each other by Black Rose Writing. So, this woman spends a lot of time at the place where she writes. Check out the photo and you’ll see that there are few distractions there.  Except for some lime-green hand weights. Something to think about…

Shortly after my debut novel, The Disharmony of Silence, released, my publisher asked if I had another book ready. After explaining the manuscript I’d been working on wasn’t quite finished, an understatement, he wanted to read it anyway. I had six months to finish the novel. It was slated for publication the following spring!  So, I got to work. We were in the midst of the pandemic and even though I was in sunny Florida where the weather was lovely, there was nowhere to go – other than my desk.

My writing room with my cushiony desk chair, stuffed bookcase and favorite photographs is one of my happy places. Yes, the beach or a pool ranks higher, though I do love being at my desk whether I’m researching, writing, or mulling. I do a lot of mulling, letting my characters talk to me, imagining settings and dialogue. And when I’m ruminating (a more writerly word than mulling), I often stare at the photograph above my desk which I took at the wetlands near my home. The reflection of the cypress trees on the water, creating shadows for the snowy egrets, is soothing. It helps my mind wander. During those intense months writing my second novel, Sisters of the Vine, I gazed a great deal at those birds and trees, and somehow it brought me back to where I was supposed to be – on a hillside vineyard in the Hudson Valley where the story is set.

Contemplating a picture in a room where the only sound was the soft hum of a ceiling fan, I finished this uplifting tale that “just like the best wine, will linger long after you finish.” It’s now in readers’ hands and I’m mulling again.

You can connect with Linda via her website and social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, Goodreads, and BookBub.

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