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December 11, 2021

[5 minute read] It was mid-December, and I needed money to buy Christmas presents. I was seventeen, and had found a Saturday job at Russell & Bromley, the most exclusive shoe shop in the London suburb where we lived. In 1966, this kind of job paid less than a pound for a day’s work, plus…

November 26, 2021

Enjoy this extract from my memoir, to be published in May, 2022. And if you’d like to get the news and excerpts like this ahead of other people, sign up for my email list on the right-hand side of the page. My husband Jay had been ill for a long time, so when he managed…

October 18, 2021

Pamela Stockwell is a fellow member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association, which is not for writers who are women, but those who write in the womens’ fiction genre. Her debut novel, A Boundless Place, launches this Thursday, and the premise is fascinating. In 1969, a twenty-four-year-old widow, Violet, wants only to hide from life….

September 27, 2021

I caught another raccoon in my garden the other day. Which reminded me of the last time I had this problem, many years ago, in a different place. I wrote a humorous essay about it and won a prize from Connecticut Muse, a journal for Connecticut writers. I thought you might enjoy it too. (3-4…

September 6, 2021

Heather Frimmer is a Connecticut author with a career as a radiologist. No surprise then, that her books have a medical background, but really, they focus on moral dilemmas and secrets that affect almost every character. Her latest, Better to Trust, actually begs that question. Is it better to trust? Or can trusting present problems…

September 5, 2021

Apparently, Scribes * MICRO * Fiction like my writing, because they just published another 100-word piece of mine. This one is nonfiction and explains how tea and emotions intersect, at least in my world. It takes less time to read than it would take to brew a proper cup of tea. 🙂 Check it out.

August 6, 2021

The Accidental Suffragist, Galia Gichon’s debut novel takes place in New York from 1911-19. Helen Fox, a working mother as so many poor women were forced to be then, decides, after the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, to fight for better conditions for women workers, and eventually for the vote. Meticulously researched, the novel paints a…

July 1, 2021

Last Sunday, I read some of my memoir out loud  – in public – at the Norwalk Arts Festival. It was somewhat nerve-wracking, and I nearly brought the whole sound system down when I tripped on the cable… But it seemed to go over well, and, in case you’d like to see it, here’s the…

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