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Mitzy Sky is the multi-talented author of articles, a blog, and now, her first book of poetry, entitled Top of the Zinc Roof. It’s a wonderful book that traces her story from her childhood in Jamaica, to her first days in the United States, and the way she triumphed over adversity to become the strong woman and writer she is today. Her poems date back a long time, but I asked her where she wrote these days. Here’s her reply:

I created a space behind the couch in the living room where I write! My little smoosh that I must have is a cup of coffee. The flavors change seasonally. During the winter holiday season, I enjoy a mint chocolate flavor coffee. Other times I’m having a mixed flavor of coconut and caramel.

Directly in front of me is the view of a sixty-inch television. It is often set on Kenya Barris’ #blackAF when I’m editing. I know all the scenes and lines, and I don’t have to look away from the computer while I work. It keeps me focused on writing, remembering the struggle, and the inspiration to reach my goals.

When writing, I like having lovely scenery on the television screen to give me the desired ambiance. You can find many of these on YouTube. During the winter, I chose cozy fireplaces or snow scenery. During the holiday season, I add videos that include seasonal decorations. In the summertime, the views are of waterfalls, streams, beaches, and rain scenes. I used to dream of sitting on the beach reading and writing. It was all or nothing. I came to see that it is procrastinating thought. I appreciate and use what I have. Getting the work done is the most important thing.

On a table is a picture of Ram Dass, author of Be Here Now. No matter where I am in the room, I look at it, and it seems to be looking back at me. When I’m writing, I look up at it when negative thoughts come into my mind. It reminds me to let them go quickly and stay in the present moment. It’s all about being present, so I can get the work done.

On my desk is a picture of my sixteen-year-old self. A reminder of the little girl smiling through the pain with no direction to her hopes and dreams of a better life. It takes a lot for me to get the work done. Giving up is not an option! I just do my best each day, and what that looks like varies.

You can connect with Mitzy on social media and you can find the links to her various sites here.

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