Time traveling launch!

when-to-now-cover-final-shorterOh the excitement! When to Now, the time travel anthology, is out tomorrow, October 1, and I have a story in it. But I’m not the only one, and the variety and quality of the other seventeen stories prompted me to give you a little taste of what to expect. They vary in length, from quick read to satisfying short novellas, so you can find a story to suit the time you have available.  Here are the first lines of each story , and my three-word summaries of them. The latter was a challenge, but I gave it a try. Buy it, and see what you think. The Kindle version is only $2.99 right now.
Ruby’s Paradox by Cynthia C Scott 26pp
We were in Central Park, enjoying the warm weather during a trip to New York, when I saw The Man in the White Suit. Seen him before
Baggage by Leslie Burton-Lopez 13pp
At 4:00 P.M., a month after Mom died, Aunt Peggy came to my doorstep with her black bag. And she returned.
Dinosaurs and Oats by B.T. Lowry 13pp
Cynthia was rearranging her mom’s yesterday when someone aware came in. Children planning romanceDisjointed
Disjointed by Alison McBain 13pp
Busigo, first baseman of the Red Sox, hit a homer off the rookie Yankees pitcher. Time travel remote
Ten Minutes Past Teatime by Elizabeth Chatsworth 38pp
Minerva Minett was rapidly losing faith that her hired help were of the highest caliber. Hilarious goldfish, Vikings
The Service Call by Ed Ahern 4pp
“Welcome to Do Over. We reset you.” Or do they?
Misconception by Gabi Coatsworth 9pp
Marcia lay on a lounger along the shady side of the pool with the latest copy of People Magazine. Erasing a mistake
Shifting by P.M.Ray 17pp
Once upon a time, there was a young prince named Baqir. Historical Spanish fantasy
The Swing by Abhishek Sengupta 10pp
The Quiet Girl is breathing. Fleeting childhood memories
A Mother’s Legacy by Robert Tomaino 20pp
Anna reached toward her mother’s research, but paused. Will science triumph?Miss Princott
Miss Princott’s Time Travel Agency by Barbara Russell 24pp
The door of the time chamber opened with a hiss, and I staggered out, my head spinning. Re-writing Shakespeare’s romance
A Peculiar Count in Time by M.K. Beutymhill 58pp
I first learned of the mysterious Count of St. Germain during a late spring afternoon, while I sat in the shade of the courtyard fanning myself with a straw bonnet. 19th century shenanigans
Try Again by P.C. Keeler 12pp
What have I seen, you ask? Civilizing the wolves
Reality Zero by Nikki Trionfo 34pp
No, no, no, no. Saving the world
Neighbor by Jacqueline Masumian 11pp
It is 1986. Back and forwardWinter's Day
A Winter’s Day by Ed Ahern 14pp
Peter stood in the cold next to his converted garage. Frozen in time
Turns of Fate by Teresa Richards 31pp
Cressida stood in line at her summer job, waiting to be scanned in. Turn, turn, turn
Blue Sandman by Eddie Cantrell 21pp
Steve rolled the cab onto a dark street. Into the past
Hope you enjoy them!

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